I have a significant amount of information on two streams of Erie County, Pennsylvania. The data was collected from emergence traps (1977-1986) that were located on Sixmile Creek and Fourmile Creek.* The Sixmile Creek collection site was located at 42°7’2”N; 79°57’14”W at an elevation of 360 m approximately 9 km south of Lake Erie.

The information is much more instructive when you can see the detailed data by location over a period of time. The Sixmile Creek data is entered by date of collection for the species with synchronous emergence or low numbers. This information should provide flight periods and yearly variations.

* Fourmile Creek had two sites that were collected from 1980-1990. Site 1 was at 42°7’20”N;79°59’8”W and was located 550 m upstream at an elevation of 326m. Site 2 was at 42°7’15”N;79°59’27”W at an elevation of 275m and was located 90 m downstream from a sewage effluent outfall. The facility was taken out of operation in November 1982. (Data available later).

Thanks to the following two individuals who provided their taxonomic expertise:

  • Dr. Peter Grant of Southwestern Oklahoma State University identified all the mayflies from Sixmile Creek from 1977-1981.
  • Dr. Steven Burian of Southern Connecticut State University identified the mayflies from Fourmile Creek site 1 from the collections of 1989-1990.


  • Grant, P. M. & E. C. Masteller. 1984. New state mayfly (Ephemeroptera) records from Pennsylvania. Entomological. News 95(5):180-182.
  • Grant, P.M. & E. C. Masteller. 1987. Intersexuality in Ephemeroptera: description of four specimens and comments on its occurrence in a parthenogenetic species. Canadian Journal Zoology 65:1985-1988.
  • Grant, P. M., S. K. Burian, & E. C. Masteller. 1997. Emergence of mayflies (Ephemeroptera) from streams of Erie Co. PA. Journal of Pennsylvania Academy of Science. 70(3):105-112.

Mayflies of Erie County

Ameletus lineatus Traver Sixmile Creek
Ameletus ludens Needham Fourmile Creek
Baetus flavistriga McDunnough Fourmile and Sixmile Creeks
Baetis tricaudatus Dodds Fourmile and Sixmile Creeks
Centroptilum alamance (Traver) Sixmile Creek
Diphetor hageni (Eaton) Sixmile Creek
Eurylophella funeralis McDunnough Sixmile Creek
Ephemera simulans Walker Lake Erie
Hexagenia limbata (Serville) Lake Erie
Hexagenia rigida McDunnough Lake Erie
Epeorus fragilis (Morgan) Fourmile and Sixmile Creeks
Epeorus pleuralis (Banks) Sixmile Creek
Leucrocuta thetis (Traver) Sixmile Creek
Leuctocuta umbratica (McDunnough) Sixmile Creek
Nixe perfida (McDunnough) Sixmile Creek
Stenacron gildersleevei (Traver) Sixmile Creek
Habrophlebiodes americana (Banks) Fourmile and Sixmile Creeks
Leptophlebia cupida (Say) Fourmile Creek
Paraleptophlebia debilis (Walker) Fourmile and Sixmile Creeks
Paraleptophlebia moerens (McDunnough) Sixmile Creek
Paraleptophlebia mollis (Easton) Sixmile Creek
Paraleptophlebia ontaraio (McDunnough) Sixmile Creek
Paraleptophlebia strigula McDunnough Fourmile and Sixmile Creeks